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Where is my 3rd screen?

With MS using the new catch phrase ‘To the cloud’ and saying things like ‘three screens and the cloud’. You would think that they would consider their cross device support even if those devices are all Microsoft based ones. We

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I made this too …

Well ok so I did the easy bit! Anyway say hello to Ed Hole It all started at 1am on Tuesday 26th and after a long labour that started with my partner Helen wanting a water birth in Llandough Hospital

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I made this …

Pathfinder has finally hit the app marketplace for the UK.  We will be posting a video of some of the features very soon. I am quite proud to say that this app went from being a simple ‘featured’ application to

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Launch day shopping…

Just had a mooch around Cardiff to see what’s out there in WP7 land and here is what I found: Orange Posters in the windows and the shops have had stock yay! One shop was given one -  which they

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WP7 Don’t give false impressions.

Looking at our app submission I spotted that our app states that it requires access to the phones identity: Looking at the WMAppManifest.xml shows that the app doesn’t state that it will do this: So it must be my code.

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WP7 What to do before the tools are released.

Ok so you have just read the announcement on the Windows Phone Developer Blog that we won’t be seeing the tools for a few more weeks. And you have just read that the Pano Pivot and Bing maps controls are

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oData call debugging.

  If you find yourself looking at error responses from the WCF data service  that only tell you ‘An error occurred while processing this request’ from a WCF Data Service then… Just add:             config.UseVerboseErrors = true; to the method:

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