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I made this too …

Well ok so I did the easy bit! Anyway say hello to Ed Hole It all started at 1am on Tuesday 26th and after a long labour that started with my partner Helen wanting a water birth in Llandough Hospital

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I made this …

Pathfinder has finally hit the app marketplace for the UK.  We will be posting a video of some of the features very soon. I am quite proud to say that this app went from being a simple ‘featured’ application to

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Launch day shopping…

Just had a mooch around Cardiff to see what’s out there in WP7 land and here is what I found: Orange Posters in the windows and the shops have had stock yay! One shop was given one -  which they

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WP7 Don’t give false impressions.

Looking at our app submission I spotted that our app states that it requires access to the phones identity: Looking at the WMAppManifest.xml shows that the app doesn’t state that it will do this: So it must be my code.

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