WP7 Don’t give false impressions.

Looking at our app submission I spotted that our app states that it requires access to the phones identity:

2010-10-21 08h57_58

Looking at the WMAppManifest.xml shows that the app doesn’t state that it will do this:

2010-10-21 09h22_52

So it must be my code.

As you can image this may make the end user quite jumpy. As it happens our app doesn’t really need to use the phone’s identity it’s code that I used to check if the app was running on the emulator or not.

The code looks like this:

2010-10-21 09h04_03

So I have now changed this with a handy preprocessor directive that will leave the code out for submission (as long as I remember to compile as release):

2010-10-21 09h16_03

Hopefully when I submit again I won’t give false impressions.

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4 comments on “WP7 Don’t give false impressions.
  1. Matt Lacey says:

    Remembering to build as ‘Release’ shouldn’t be an issue as apps will (should) fail marketplace ingestion if compiled with debug symbols.

    As an alternative, you can also detect if running in the emulator like this:

    Environment.DeviceType == DeviceType.Emulator

  2. mikehole says:

    Cheers Matt, I hadn’t spotted that method of detection.

  3. cod4 hack says:

    Thanks for the read!

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