An end to the good times before they even start? …

On may the 18th I published an article that actually managed the biggest view numbers that I have had on any blog post that I have previously written:

More good times for app developers?

I think this is mainly down to the fact that it was an attempt to spread some good news for developer who develop .net applications using XAML and c# or VB.

As of now there are 20K+ applications for windows phone 7 and this list is growing at quite an impressive rate. This rate of growth is because of the ease at which these developers can write applications. People who work for large corporates developing enterprise applications using .NET can now become app publishers and can deviate from writing anonymous code that drives a cog of large enterprise systems.

These people I have met at our growing local user group. They are loving the application development platform that Microsoft have put together for them and have a hunger for more.

If you are a developer that has been developing code for Android or iPhone then you will have started with a single form factor in which your code runs on and found that that the available form factors has increased and you now not only develop for the phone but your apps can be made to run on the new and emerging tablet based devices.

Microsoft have made great strides with Windows 8 to ensure that it has the capabilities to run on a multitude of form factors. It is here that they are hedging their bets on windows running anywhere.

So where will we stand when it comes to Tablets and native development when can we start re-using our code from within those 20K+ applications so that we can start reaping the benefits of the next set of platforms.

Well from what Microsoft have disclosed in regards to the Windows 8 developer experience so far that just won’t be happening.

There has just been no message from Microsoft that states that don’t worry we still do native, and it will work within this snazzy new UI.

It’s all been HTML and JS as a brand new application development platform.

If this stays the case then once you are a Windows Phone developer you will be staying a Windows Phone developer and if you have a great app then you will have to port it.

Right now the message is that people will have to wait for the Build conference to actually find out what the developer story will be. And of course more and more FUD will enter the mind of us developers as time goes on.

One item that may enter peoples heads is that Microsoft are shifting their developer strategy and application platform to HTML and JS even on Windows Phone (ARM and SOC means that Win 8 can power a phone at some point – phones are mentioned in the Intel article).

If people start experiencing this kind of fear and uncertainty they are going to stop developing apps and the rate at which the marketplace is building will slow down if not stop.

We so need to know what’s happening and we need to know sooner rather than later.

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