External NFC (Proximity sensor) for Windows Store Apps

If you are looking for a way to add NFC support to your windows store applications then  you have two options. The first is make sure you buy your hardware with an in built proximity sensor. This option is quite a layout of cash if you already have a desktop/laptop etc that you do your development on.

The second option is to purchase an external NFC card reader. For this your options are limited because of Windows 8 driver support. There is one however that was found by both  Peter Footand Craig Hawker this is the FeliCa RC-S380 compact USB NFC reader and it is available in the UK from NFC Stuff at £88.68 (delivered).

If you do purchase this reader you will find that it does not install the drivers when you plug it in. to rectify this you will need to download and install the NFC Port Software from here: http://blog.felicalauncher.com/en/?p=594

Once installed you will see the sensor listed within the proximity devices list in device manager:


That’s it you now have a machine that will allow you to develop NFC enabled Windows Store applications.

Here is a couple of links to help you on your way…



Thanks once again to Peter for helping me out.

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4 comments on “External NFC (Proximity sensor) for Windows Store Apps
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  2. Mike Kabala says:

    Do you know where I can find information on how to read/write Mifare Classic tags? My reader (Sony RC-S380) is supposed to be able to read them, but I don’t even get device arrival/departure notifications when I try to use them. Is there some sort of initializationI need to do to get the reader to recognize them?

    • mikehole says:


      I don’t have this information right now but I can have a look for you.

      When buying NFC tags for Win 8 and Windows phone 8 it is best to buy ready formatted cards from a supplier such as RapidNFC.



    • Artem says:

      I have exactly the same problem. Looking for a different reader now. 😦

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