More good times for app developers?

UPDATE: 6th June 2011

Hi, I just added a new post that expresses my disappointment in the messages that have come from the Windows 8 launch:

Just a short post to get something that has just started swishing about in my head out.

I just read the following article:

In this article the beans are spilt in regards to Windows 8 running on ARM processors (by an Intel exec of all people).

Microsoft has targeted the ARM processor architecture because Win8 will have version that will run on all sorts of platforms that require low power consumption such as Tablets, Smartphones (although this is unlikely as we have WP7) and small form factor PC’s. This then is a big enabler for MS to finally get into the tablet market big time.

But there is one other point that is mentioned, and that is that legacy applications won’t run on the Arm architecture. The author even states ‘Developers may also face challenges writing their apps for both platforms’.

Urm no! – Yes we have to lament that great applications that you use every day won’t run but if you really need to run those applications then you can always stick to Intel based kit (and I am sure Intel will love you for it).

But us developers have Silverlight and I will bet my left arm that the Arm based Win8 is going to run that (This is another sign of why that shift in priorities that people saw as the death of SIlverlight was mentioned).

So what is SIlverlight? It’s an enabler for the write once run anywhere (pc, phone tablet, set top box etc.). Something that us app developers will cherish.

If you like me also follow the rumour mill then you will know that Microsoft are looking to create an app store (can I use those words without being sued?). The backbone of this considering the different architectures that Win8 is going to support has to be Silverlight based I am sure.

What this means for us developers is that there is yet another eco-system on it’s was (people are going to want applications and right now there isn’t any).

So if I was you I would start learning Silverlight and building your app ideas because it looks like there are some good time ahead for those who get in first. 

What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment.



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8 comments on “More good times for app developers?
  1. Rene Schulte says:

    I think we’ll will see a good native development story which MSFT is unveiling this year.
    Anyhow, I totally agree, it’s an exiting time to be a Silverlight developer. 🙂

  2. David Wilde says:

    I’m not convinced that the Microsoft attitude of seeing Windows as a godlike one for all will work with smartphones and tablets. I feel that they should be investing in creating a brand new operating system building on WP7 to target the tablet market specifically.

    The main advantage to the tablet market is stripping away all of the complexities of PCs to leave the user with a simple, fast means to do most of the things they want to do whilst simultaneously watching TV. I would see MS as failing to provide a proper tablet experience with say Control Panel.

    Either way I think there are big things ahead for Microsoft and Silverlight.

  3. Sylvain says:


    If you want to distribute your Application today through an App store, you can always come check out Allmyapps our Windows Application Store.

    Otherwise, as David already noted the tablet experience from Microsoft need to be very simple and “basic”. They shouldn’t try to port Windows 7 to the Tablet like Archos is doing at the moment with their “Archos 9 Pc Tablet”.


  4. […] Mike’s Blog So what is SIlverlight? It’s an enabler for the write once run anywhere (pc, phone tablet, […]

  5. Stone says:

    Hm – yes and no. And here comes again the discusion about HTML5 and Silverlight…

  6. samcov says:

    @David Wilde – Think of an onion. The OS can be Brain Dead Simple, but if you need more, just peel the layers away, and you’ve got greater functionality.

    MS will likely have a REALLY stripped down version of consumer brains, and something more powerful for the rest of us… at a cost no doubt, but for business, we’ll happily pay!

  7. samcov says:

    That should be “for consumer brains”, not “of computer brains”

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